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SkyeFly Cryptocurrency Mastery Program

In the Spirit of helping users become and remain profitable in the Cryptocurrency trading…

We at Skyefly have developed an all-encompassing Cryptocurrency trading program to help you master how to trade cryptocurrencies Profitably.

The Program was developed from over 14 years combined experience in Forex and cryptocurrency trading.

The Program is designed to do two major things

1. Take a beginner (someone who knows little or nothing about cryptocurrencies) and coach him to until he starts trading profitably like a pro.
2. Coach a Professional (Someone who is already trading profitably) on how to scales his profit to 2 to 10 times what he already making.

Who is this Program for?
• Student and Academician who want to learn how cryptocurrency works and how to apply it technology for the betterment of their life and their society
• Unemployed and Job Seeking looking for how to generate income; You will learn how to trade even with Zero Capital
• Income Earners looking for an alternative source of income (side hustle)
• Cryptocurrency Trader who wants to scale their trading profit and network with other traders.

What you will learn from this program:
1. Cryptocurrencies and how they work (Beginners guide)
2. The Evolution of Money
3. Fiat Money Vs Cryptocurrencies
4. 13 ways to make money with Bitcoins
5. Types of Trading Platforms (Their Pros and Cons)
6. Mastering Crypto trading platforms and their secret
7. OTC Trading and How to trade with Zero Capital
8. QFT Strategy: How to win at least 90% of your trades
9. Risk Management
10. Technical/Fundamental analysis: Mastering the Use of indicators
11. Margin Trading: Making over 5X from each trade
12. Mastering Futures trading: Making profit in both Bull and Bear
13. Trading with Bots
14. Trading Signals
15. Lots of Bonus content
We continuously update the lessons in this program and introduce new strategies in line with what is working at the moment.

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